Jun 192015


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“Where does photography fit into corporate business?”

“Corporate business fit into my otherwise vagabonding life :)
Photography comes more naturally into my life’s caricature”

“We all have to mould our vagabondery around rootedness”

“really :) ?

Rootedness have been quite a fleeting phenom for me”

“There are aerial roots too
I mean it about finding an essence through duality. Stillness in the eye of a storm.”

“True :) Essence has always been more of a feeling for me.

There have rarely been any distinguishing markers.

Nor traces. And fleeting since the same act of ‘stillness in the

eye of a storm’ may fail to inspire the euphoria at subsequent reprisals.”

“Nothing changes, just rearranges. Your soul is seeking all you

have to do is build as bridge from your feet to your eyes. And listen..”

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May 092015

Some words are simply worth sharing without further packaging.

“..this is the true joy in life — being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one… being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.


I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no ‘brief candle’ to me. It is sort of a splendid torch which I have a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it over to future generations.”  

GB Shaw

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Jan 142015


If you’ve ever been a student, you would’ve applied for something and would’ve inevitably, at some point in time in your life, faced the dastardly character limit. Regardless of how generous or conservative the limit might be, the response seems to be just over the freaking limit.

T = L + Some annoying characters

where T being our response and L being the allowed character limit.

This framework seems to fit so perfectly that one wonders whether this is yet another manifestation of theory of relativity (Ok, I kid… but only out of sadism developed over a decade of becoming the most frequent visitor to wordcounttool.com).

Its a fairly strange phenomenon.

So, before this becomes a half-marathon of a tirade, let me jump straight to one possible approach to avoiding jargon in your response.

Step 1: Breath! (You’ll either do a good job or you won’t. Life will move on either way. So don’t worry and enjoy the only un commercialised abundant commodity left on this planet. Yes, its an important step!)

Step 2: Spend some time thinking (and possibly paraphrasing in your head) what’s being asked.

Step 3: Make a mental list of points, keeping the sequence intact, and write those bullets out. Try and keep each point to one line or under (They don’t even have to be complete sentences). You can fill in the details later

Step 4:  Screw the details. Simply complete the sentences and connect the list of bullets and Voila! #Beautiful #Brief!

P.S. You can write me hate or gratitude mail afterwards (though I suspect that’ll have more to do with the success of your application rather than the brevity :P)

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Dec 312014



One can pull up stats, trophies, or the number of matches he has cooly finished for India.

Or the calm with which he weathered (internal BCCI politics / chaos) and then stormed international cricket.

How he commandeered team-India out of the time of the fab-four Or the day he declared, during one of his vintage analyses, that its time to build the future of Indian cricket (and he did – investing in the youth).

And lets not even dare to brush his callous leadership, uncanny brilliance in strategy and his god-knows-where-he-gets the calm in the world-collectively-jumping-out-of-their-pyjama moments.

I don’t have the depth of cricketing knowledge to throw around claims like ‘the greatest in XYZ’. But its been an honour to follow the great Mahindra Singh Dhoni – #Legend #Respect.

P.S. And good luck for the rest of your time in limited overs cricket…

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Sep 162014

“The World Health Organization is dropping its sugar intake recommendations from 10 percent of your daily calorie intake to 5 percent.

For an adult of a normal body mass index (BMI), that works out to about 6 teaspoons — or 25 grams — of sugar per day.”

World Health Organization

Sugar serving in one can of coke = 35 g!!!

Sugar serving in a half liter bottle of coke ~ 56 g!!!

And of course, the finer detail that the regular  citizen is consuming 112 g of sugar a day on average i.e. a mere 4.5 times the daily recommended dose. Not to mention a UCLA study establishing a correlation with lowering IQs. And the little matter of Coke being as addictive as heroin.

Enough said? Still not convinced.

Lets see the boss of coke beam at his company’s positive contribution to humanity. For the purpose of intentional exaggeration (note: not misinformation), I’ll limit the excerpt to four lines and link the video’s ‘relevant’ part only.

BBC journalist, Paxman: “What good does coca cola does you physically?”

James Quincy, President Coca Cola (Europe): “There is a little sugar in it, which is energy…”

BBC journalist, Paxman: “…23 (sachets of sugar, equivalent thereof) of those in the smallest offering (isn’t that way too much)?”

James Quincy, President Coca Cola (Europe): “The reality is, people aren’t drinking those…”

emmm…  yeah.

James Quincy, President Coca Cola (Europe): “If you want to solve obesity, its about information…”

Indeed it is!

Give people the product that kills them and vaguely tell them that it does. Confuse the how-exactly. And then flash stereotypically happy images and draw a completely unsubstantiated correlation between soft drinks and happiness.

All that, of course, after you’re done selling your soul for the right price.

Well played Mr. Quincy. After you’re done firing the person that set this interview up, not to mention your plans for countering obesity, you should aim for the presidency of WHO (and you know, keep drawing royalties from coke too).



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Sep 162014

Not sure which media entity would risk giving airtime to this. But the one benefit of social, not denying its down-sides, is that it is, although very subtly, empowering the civil society to stand up like this.

I know the liberals would be collectively rolling their eyes right now at the limited frequency and impact of this. But, in a world as seemingly abject, its equally important to celebrate the glimmers of hope to inspire even more.

Kudos to loudest voices in this video,  even if we don’t pardon their sporadic french.

 Rehman Malik, former PPP interior ministory, disallowed to board the plane by angry / frustrated passengers

 Dr. Ramesh, N League minister of minorities, disallowed to board the plane by angry / frustrated passengers


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Sep 032014


How would we know what our actual limits are if we always keeping meeting goals?

The idea is to always plan optimistically and make sure that we do just-enough just-in-time to make shit happen!

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Aug 122014

Death marks the end. Or does it merely mark an inevitable eventuality?

How about the start of a revolution?robin_williams There is no single right answer except perhaps the combination of the vantage point of the observer and the colour of his lens conspiring to paint a purport for this progressive reality.

Our presence in this world yields a mark. For better or for worse, the magnitude cultivated over calculable ticks; through the lives we touch; the social value we create.

Humanity responds in a variety of ways, generally proportional to the gravity of the mark a man leaves behind. Beyond our loved ones, a man’s worth varies from a thought, a sigh, a funeral, a memorial amongst other vestiges. But sometimes they’re worth even more. Some people, they leave us with memories and nostalgic smiles!


Good bye Robin McLaurin. Your will be remembered.



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Jul 212014

…till about a couple of days ago, more people were killed at the Sha’ar gas field east of Homs in Syria than through the entire week’s tally in the Israel / Palestine conflict.

Active Conflicts Around the World

Active Conflicts Around the World

Let me start by apologising for trivialising this to a numbers game (that isn’t the intent). Let me also clarify that this isn’t a pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, anti-ISIS appeal. Nor is it pacifist’s I-TOLD-YOU-SO tirade.

We react to what we see but we only see what ‘they’ want us to see. Gaza is trending. Fair enough. People losing their lives, getting displaced and scores more at risk is straight away equal to a tragedy. Thousands protest around the world. South Africa, London, Lahore, France, the list goes on…


But here is the question.

Hundreds of Thousands are being displaced in the ongoing war in Pakistan, while scores of innocents are among the collateral in this militant hunt. Two Hundred and Seventy people killed as Islamic State militants took over a natural gas field in Syria. Boko Haram just clocked over a hundred casualties in the Nigerian town of Damboa and another twenty earlier this week near the town of Lassa.

The question, I dare ask, is, who decides what must current trend on popular media? Is it based on what is important to us? If Gaza, then why not Homs. Or Damboa. Or the ongoing battle for Libya’s main airport. Or Waziristan. Or any one of the forty one ongoing armed conflicts resulting in innocent casualties around the world.

Who decides what is important to us?!

You may act as you will, but you may not will as you willCan’t remember who to credit this to. 

Is it our collective set of preferences shaping the programming? Or is it the other way around? And if it is, is there something else that each of us should be asking ourselves, and in turn, focusing on?

This isn’t a proclamation of some universal alternative answer that we all ought to be focusing on. That said, I wonder, if at an individual level, we might start finding different answers.

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Jul 082014

If you can’t recognise this name, this post is for you.

While the US media can arguably be berated with going overboard, stamping the ‘celebrity syndrome’ on their proverbial (and actual) flag bearers.

Here in Pakistan, we serve as the antithesis and, to a damaging extent.

Whilst this is nothing more than a drop in the massive ocean of simultaneous threads necessary to nation-building, nevertheless, its an essential one.

Its indescribably important that our children grow up reading about Pakistan’s heroes who accomplished incredible feats backed by limited to no support; Feats that can still be replicated despite this era of despair.

For every 1000 Lollywood romantic flicks (actually, lets make it a 10000), can someone please pick at least one of the phenomenal stories from our sporting past and make a movie or write a book about it? 

I mean, take your pick…

The incredible comeback by Khan’s ‘cornered tigers’ in 92, Abdul Khaliq’s incredible 60 international medals (36 of them gold) or the longest winning streak across all sports ever recorded (Jehangir Khan, 555 consecutive wins in squash).

Here is just another example in what I’m sure would constitute a long series of achievements worth spreading and celebrating.

Salman Ahmad’s plea to the nation.


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